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Attica Community Information

Attica is a community with a population of 650 patrons. Attica has much to offer as a rural life community, and it has the advantage of being located 60 miles southwest of Wichita, Kansas. Attica also has easy access to the following communities and cities. (Distance measured from Attica to city or town.)

Hays, Kansas                         160 miles NW
Salina, Kansas                       130 miles North
Pratt, Kansas                        50 miles NW
Wellington, Kansas               50 miles East
Emporia, Kansas                   162 miles NE
Hutchinson, Kansas              60 miles North
Topeka, Kansas                    209 miles NE
Kansas City, Kansas             265 miles NE
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma   180 miles South

Nestled among wheat fields and shallow, sandy creeks one will find the city of Attica. Attica is a small rural town with a population of 650. The population of the 126 square mile school district area is 1,109. Attica is located near the central southern border of the state of Kansas in Harper County, and is located along highway 160 between the towns of Medicine Lodge, 20 miles to the west; Harper, 13 miles to the east and north; and Anthony, 16 miles to the east and the south.

The population is middle class, stable and homogenous in culture and nationality. Employment status, which is persons 16 years old or older, results are 59.5% in the labor force, 1.7% unemployed and 38.9% not in the labor force.

Major employment comes from agriculture, oil, natural gas and many businesses providing goods and services to the community. Employers include Citizens National Bank, Cox Manufacturing, a CPA, two real estate/insurance agencies, Dark Oil, Attica Long Term Care Facility, Attica Meat Locker, U.S. Post Office, Anthony Coop Grain Elevator, two restaurants, a quick trip gas station, USD #511, a newspaper, a grocery store, antique shop, Shawnee Well Service, Jimenez Well Service, R & B Oil Co., 2 used car dealers, 2 mechanical shops, a body shop, a greenhouse, several beauty shops, a senior center, a trash service and a commercial car wash. In 1989, the median household income was $20,544 with the per capita income of $10,982. Households living above the poverty line were 81.7% with 18.3% living below the poverty line. (In 1989, the poverty line for a family of four persons was $12,674.)

Medical services available include a part-time physician and physician’s assistant, an EMS service and a nursing home facility, built in 1972 and housing 60 residents in 1997.  A volunteer fire department consists of 15 active volunteers. The fire department has 2 rural fire trucks, 1 big pumper for both rural and urban, 1 pumper for city only, 2 tankers and 1 rescue unit.

In the spring of 1900, a small group of citizens formed the Library Association. Each member donated a book and asked for donations from the people of Attica. The books were kept in the Post Office and the postmistress at the time acted as librarian. The library is now open 20 hours per week, has over 10,000 books, videotapes, and magazines and has mail access to the Hutchinson City Library.

Recreation for the people of Attica consists of a swimming pool (completed in 1973), a city park, bingo once a week, and the community building. The community building on Main Street is in almost continuous use day and night meeting the needs of Attica and the surrounding communities, as well as some county and district functions.

Clubs and organizations include the Saddle Club, Artists Guild, Gun Club, American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, Garden Club, Wednesday Study and Social Club and Red Hat Society.

The city’s four churches include the First Christian Church founded in 1912, Faith Baptist Church founded in 1946, United Methodist Church began in 1886 at the Attica Methodist Church, becoming the United Methodist Church in 1968, and the Assembly of God Church founded in 1925.

Attica began as a boomtown, growing up almost overnight. Attica likely owes its existence to the fact that the land it occupies was the most convenient point for the junction of the two railway lines of the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe Railroad. The main line passed through Attica.

Alden Speare made a plat of Attica in 1884, and it was placed on record at the County Seat at Anthony, July 9, 1884. There were no officials or organizations and revelry prevailed. A bad man by the name of Dave Sharp from Caldwell, Kansas took over the city and ruled for twenty-four hours. After this ordeal, it was decided the town should be incorporated. On February 6, 1885, a petition to incorporate the town was presented to the County Commissioners, and Sam Wolf was appointed census taker. There were about 1500 people in town. An election was called and J.T. Botkin was elected the first mayor of the city of Attica. Beeson was elected police judge. The name of Attica was originally given to a Post Office located southeast of the present Attica on a farm, known as the E.L. Thomas farm. When the new town was started, it was agreed the Post Office of Attica be moved to the new town site and the town be called Attica.

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