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"From the day children are born until they graduate from high school, they spend just 15 percent of their waking hours in school. The other 85 percent is spent outside of school--and most of that time is spent at home. That means that parents/guardians are their children's most influential teachers." (The Parent Institute)

At Attica USD 511, parents are encouraged to visit and participate in their childís educational process.Parent-Teacher conferences occur twice a year; at the end of the first nine weeks and at the end of the third nine weeks.Conference hours vary to meet the needs of parents and teachers will make special arrangements to meet with all the parents of their students.These conferences are used to showcase student work and to explain student progress and assessments.

Parents are invited to visit or volunteer in their childís classroom and also for field trips, parties, and numerous other activities.Parents also receive monthly newsletters, monthly school calendars, and other special notices.††††††††

All school activities including conferences, open houses, music programs, and other extra-curricular activities are advertised in the local paper, on the Attica Bulldog Television Channel, and on the Attica USD 511 Web Site.

Parents and community people serve on all Attica USD 511 committees and councils including site council, technology vocational education committee, and the QPA steering committee.The districtís site council has been designated with the responsibility of evaluating parent involvement and reporting to the board of education any recommendations for needed improvement.

Parents, students, and teachers are requested to sign a parent/student/teacher compact for each student during August enrollment.Parents, students, and teachers are encouraged to discuss the compacts during conferences.

The following are available to download, open, and print as Word documents:

Attica USD 511 Student/Parent/Teacher Compact (Word Document)

Notification of Rights under FERPA for Elementary & Secondary Schools (Word Document)

Notification of Rights Under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (Word Document)

Protection of Pupil Rights Notice and Consent/Opt-Out for Specific Activities (Word Document)

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