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Currently, over 50% of the Attica USD 511 faculty and staff have 15+ years of experience.  Twenty percent of the faculty has Masters Degrees.  The administration firmly believes that staff members should be provided opportunities to continue their professional growth.  All staff members have school support and are encouraged to attend and are often sent to workshops, state conferences, and organizational conferences.

Faculty members in Attica USD 511 have had extensive training and have been provided with professional development opportunities that support the schoolwide instructional strategies, the QPA school improvement strategies, and the results-based staff development strategies adopted in the core areas.  New teachers are provided with both in-house training and out-of-district training.

Classified staff are also provided with additional training and encouraged to attend workshops and conferences.  Ongoing training is an absolute must because of the continuous changes in federal and state guidelines.

The district uses numerous strategies to attract highly qualified teachers and staff members to Attica USD 511.  These strategies include providing academic and technical colleges as well as nearby newspapers with information that touts the benefits of the district.  These benefits are strong administrative,school, and patron support, small class sizes, excellent facilities, low cost of living, low crime rates, and salaries plus benefits commiserate to surrounding areas.

The addition of the Attica USD 511 Technology Initiative along with the QPA school improvement plan, the Title I schoolwide plan, the educational strategies implemented, and various other curriculum programs, showcase the forward thinking and educational opportunities available for highly qualified teachers.

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